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Hey! I'm Annika and I make videos about sewing, thrift shopping, weird fashion trends, and I also share my journey of living with disabling chronic illnesses.

Also, I can't actually drink coffee :P any money raised here is going straight towards my channel, and my goal of hiring assistance!

Annika Victoria
Hey! I'm Annika Victoria, and I'm an amateur seamstress sharing my experiences and tips as I learn to sew my own clothes. I also geek out over fabrics and sewing machines, make videos about thrift shopping, make goofy content about weird fashion trends.

I also live with a disabling chronic illness called "Takayasu's Arteritis" which I talk about publicly to raise awareness. Unfortunately, this illness also meant that I had to give up on my dream of becoming a research scientist, because there was no way my body could handle 8+ hour days in a laboratory. So with some sadness but also some excitement, in 2016 I decided that I would make this video-making thing my full-time job. Often limited to my own house or unable to work for a string of days because of fatigue and pain, I am still able to put 20-30 hours into every video (plus the many hours of work that goes on for the business-side of things), because - I did it! I'm now my own boss & can determine my own working schedule. But it's tough working for yourself and that's where my wonderful community comes in!

Because I also don't want to solely rely on advertisements, (#spon for every single video? No thank you!) I rely on my audience to support my work, and it is this community's support that's allowed me to continue growing, learning and making more free-to-watch videos that have helped people all over the world learn how to sew!

Of course, I also don't want you to see me as some charity case. Donate because you see some value in what I do, enjoy my videos, or have learned a new skill or hobby. Donate because you want to become a vital component of this community! And also know that your donation will also be helping out in a HUGE WAY.

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