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Hey! I'm Annika and I make videos about sewing, thrift shopping, weird fashion trends, and I also share my journey of living with disabling chronic illnesses.

Also, I can't actually drink coffee :P any money raised here is going straight towards my channel, and my goal of hiring assistance! 🤞

Annika Victoria
Hey! I'm Annika Victoria, and I'm an amateur seamstress sharing my experiences and tips as I learn to sew my own clothes. I also geek out over fabrics and sewing machines, make videos about thrift shopping, make goofy content about weird fashion trends.

I also live with a disabling chronic illness called "Takayasu's Arteritis" which I talk about publicly to raise awareness. Unfortunately, this illness also meant that I had to give up on my dream of becoming a research scientist, because there was no way my body could handle 8+ hour days in a laboratory. So with some sadness but also some excitement, in 2016 I decided that I would make this video-making thing my full-time job. Often limited to my own house or unable to work for a string of days because of fatigue and pain, I am still able to put 20-30 hours into every video (plus the many hours of work that goes on for the business-side of things), because - I did it! I'm now my own boss & can determine my own working schedule. But it's tough working for yourself and that's where my wonderful community comes in!

Because I also don't want to solely rely on advertisements, (#spon for every single video? No thank you!) I rely on my audience to support my work, and it is this community's support that's allowed me to continue growing, learning and making more free-to-watch videos that have helped people all over the world learn how to sew!

Of course, I also don't want you to see me as some charity case. Donate because you see some value in what I do, enjoy my videos, or have learned a new skill or hobby. Donate because you want to become a vital component of this community! And also know that your donation will also be helping out in a HUGE WAY.

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