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----- What "we are" seeking funding for: [+] "AI/Tech" -- Bandwidth expansion to develop and run further tests per the audio/video technologies we're now deploying (i.e. self-hosted transcoding-streams etc.) [+] "Branding" -- Micro-Targeted site-wide awareness, utilizing "non" Google/Microsoft technologies (i.e. RealCRO, Party) [+] "Web/UI" -- To further consolidate and retrofit existing marketing-mechanisms for efficiency and faster distributions (a.k.a. coding-hours or 'design-interfacing') [+] "Web/UX" -- To re-examine existing sound-recording catalogue delivery and determine if a "new" or 'secondary' framework may increase Licensing/sales intake ----- # ----- What "we are not" seeking funds for: [-] "Salary" -- Seriously, we'll just keep going until we can't. We're seeking "Help" (i.e. financial-assistance) for business, not 'handouts' for living... [-] "Standard/Traditional-Marketing" -- Since we are not deployed across social-media and have no dependencies towards those hubs, we have no inclination to ask the general-public or entities to assists facilitating common market-activities. (Our goals are not similar to typical Music Artists, Label, or Publisher expectations. We "furiously" wish to evade lowest-common-denominator marketing-methods, "Hoping" to deliver what many Song and Soundtrack enthusiasts may deem a High-Quality product, sans vanity-metrics, distractions etc.) * * The use of ko-fi.com to collect contributions from persons or an entity that may want to help stems purely from the tools and capabilities available on the website. It is unknown to us if Ko-fi can assists or generate leads for this style of requests. [-] "Equipment" -- We have "some" stuff. It should be enough until it's not, enough...? Enough said?? ----- # ----- https://takeotama.org ----- #

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