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Hey! I'm Ziphora. I'm a Digital Artist & Freelance Illustrator, currently I am short for time when it comes to personal projects, any support can help me pursue more personal art and improve. Any support is greatly appreciated! Even just sharing which is free, is a huge help. 💖

Thank you all for your support you're all amazing and I really do appreciate the kindness of all the people who've helped me in some way, shape or form. Whether it's a small donation or a share it's helped a lot. Check out my gallery for my artwork, one time donations or monthly donations gives you access to download hi-resolution files of select artworks! 💖💖💖 WALL OF AMAZING PEOPLE! 💖💖💖 💖 Top Supporters! 💖 ★ Baroo - Raptor jesus has risen GUARDIAN ANGEL 💖 ★ MoonbirdIgso - A good bird I rate 12/10 💖 ★ Daxpaw - A good big burr! I rate 15/10 ★ Jsdragon56 - Kind and hearty fox! 💖 ★ Ozelroth ★ Faurick 💖 ​Honorable Mentions 💖 ★ Melfox ★ Uta ★ Keltara ​ ★ Envyious ★ Niekolaisaac And many, many more supporters!

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