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Abundance Building Concepts
The World Economic Forum has stated its top goal for 2030 is "You will own nothing and be happy." Is this the future you want? Increasingly, the basic needs of human life are becoming unaffordable. People are being crowded into large, polluted, and noisy megacities. Unable to find livable wages and suitable housing, many are forced to work multiple jobs, often for unethical corporations. Their dreams and aspirations are quickly forgotten because the rat race demands their full engagement. In an age of rapid technological advancement, should the quality of life for so many continue getting worse? At Abundance Building Concepts, we deconstructed the unsustainable system we grew up in, so we could invent a new home system that provides irrevocable freedom and perpetual abundance—so your dreams are no longer unattainable! Using our patented geometric expandable home frames and new material science, our engineering team has invented modular DIY home building kits that can be assembled in 1 day! Beyond that we are creating partnerships with companies who have invented every utility needed in an easy to install off-grid utility package. What this means is you can pay off your house, place it anywhere in the world, and have all your utilities without the bills—and this new life can begin affordably in one day! What would you do with that kind of freedom? Imagine the relief your $10 donation brings to a single mother who is now one step closer to financial independence; your $25 donation can put a roof over the head of a homeless veteran; your $100 donation to a village who doesn't have the possibility of building a school or hospital! Our solution can be rapidly deployed to disaster stricken areas to stop suffering and provide stability—your donation makes an instant impact when and where it matters most. More than anything, our vision when creating ABC was to create generational wealth for those living in developing countries who are endlessly starved of resources as victims of oppressive governments; together with your help we can peacefully end this vicious cycle! The time has come to create a future built on compassion rather than exploitation. We at ABC have dedicated our lives and everything we have financially to get to this point; we are asking for your help to bring our inventions to mass production. Every dollar donated helps make affordable housing possible for a deserving family—creating generational wealth, ending the cycle of poverty they've always known, and creating a ripple of love and gratitude that will change the world! We will keep you updated on our progress and show you photos and videos of the buildings you helped build, as well as the grateful people who live in them! What can you do to help? 1. SUPPORT - click the contribution button to donate what you can! 2. SUBSCRIBE - Join our membership clubs for exclusive content, access, and merchandise! 3. SHARE - share our links ( & with your friends and family to help spread the word and change the world! Share on your social media too; we need your help to raise awareness about our campaign!

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