Adam Demasi

Hi! I make many of the tools developers use to build iOS jailbreak tweaks, plus some retrocomputing projects and handy node.js modules. I do all of this for free, and don't directly make money on these projects. If you have a bit of money to spare, it would really make a difference to me. Yes, even a few dollars has a substantial impact! Every little bit gives me some of that sweet dopamine to pour more time into these passion projects. Even if you can't send a few dollars my way, I’d really appreciate if you’d take a look at my projects, and give a star 🌟 on any you find interesting. Or, see if there are any issue threads you might be able to chime in on. Thanks for stopping by! If Ko-fi isn’t your fancy, you can also support me through: • GitHub Sponsors: • Patreon: • Amazon wishlist:

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