Aeipathy is an award-winning, original, ancient-world roleplay. Our world stretches from the Scandinavian shores of north-western Europe to the Assyrian plans of the Arabian peninsula and is broken into different fictional 'lands' inspired by great BC empires. Our stories fall into the genre of historical drama, court politics and inter-personal dynamics that might include: familial strife, patriotic war, political strokes or the daily troubles of civilisation. The inclusion of divine beings, played by anonymised members, keeps the fates of man fickle and our plots spontaneous. Whilst we encourage in-character activity, we have no word-count restrictions and do not hold activity checks. Our unique, custom-built character and activity systems allow members to find a level of participation that works for them. Support and search tools make our lore-heavy world easily navigable and our applications, automated thread trackers and plot development resources are built into our accounts, removing the hassle of coding or aesthetic concerns. We are a community of mature story-tellers who are proud to call ourselves culturally, socially and linguistically diverse. Our site's visuals are fully customisable for user comfort including: contrast, font size, font style and brightness, and our regular voting polls put global plots into the hands of our members, not our staff. Aeipathy is over four years old and we look forward to seeing our story continue. Aeipathys expansive world and the immersive experience it creates for its writers are fantastic but we are prouder still of the community we have built. Our members are compassionate, mature and inspiring people who love to write. We are friends first, writers second and cliques never. Our community is welcoming to newcomers, loving to veterans and understanding of real-world commitments. Writing should be a joy, not a pressure.

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