Hey, everyone! My real name is Jean-Luc Belanger, though since 2015, I went by the pseudonym of Akira Takahashi/AkiTaka online, due to my love of Cross-Pacific culture and values(Western and Asian) and a desire to strengthen relations between the alternating sides. I thoroughly believe in the marriage of technical and soft skills, in mediums such as art, comics/manga, written literature, and social media. In the past I have contributed to organizations such as YesCalgary2026, and Super Smash Cafe. I have also produced a doujinshi and a children's picture book during the COVID pandemic. As 2023 comes in, I want to continue the creative adventure I embarked on. As much as I care about fulfilling the needs and dreams of myself and my community as well as others', please consider supporting me every now and then so I can continue to cultivate it. It means very much to me as much as it will mean well to you.

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