Alexa Nichols

WELCOME TO MY OFFICIAL KO-FI! My name is Alexa Nichols, and I’m a writing machine. I spend most of my free time (and a good chunk of my not-so-free time) crafting tales of romance, fantasy, science fiction, dystopia, horror, and erotica. I’m also a rabid fan of anime, manga, and gaming, and draw a lot of inspiration for my work from those three mediums. If you enjoy my writing and want me to give birth to more, you can help by signing up to be a supporter here on Ko-fi. It’s easy. Donate whatever you can - anything is greatly appreciated - and not only will you be helping me have the financial freedom to craft more stories, but you’ll also receive some cool rewards for doing so. WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? Drugs. 🌿 No, seriously, drugs. Cocaine mostly, but also meth and- I’m fucking with you. 😅 Honestly, the only thing your donation will ever be used for is author-related bills, things like cover creation (I can’t make these things myself - I have absolutely no artistic talent), editors, program costs (Office, Grammarly, etc.), advertising, and website hosting/maintenance. I’m a self-published author (by choice), which gives me an enormous amount of creative freedom, but also comes with a lot of financial responsibility. Which usually comes out of my pocket, and is why I set up this Ko-fi. Donations will never be spent on stupid shit, and always go towards author bills. ARE THERE OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT? 🥰 Patreon! 📚 Buy my eBooks/paperbacks/audiobooks: xh2 💲 One-time PayPal donation: https:// 💦 Buy me something off my Amazon Wishlist: ☁ Gift me a game on Steam: 7UlB 👍 Like on Facebook: https://buff.l y/2yGzQNz 🐤 Follow on Twitter: dOYn 😭 Harass on Instagram: 👻 Stalk on Tumblr: https://b 🖼 Check out my fetishes on Pinterest: K6m6km 🤓 Read about me on Goodreads: https://buff.l y/2IpeFiB ✉ Email me: 📃 Subscribe to my newsletter: act-me/

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