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Alexia Rowe

Hi, all you firebirds! I'm Alexia, a playwright, composer, guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Boston, MA. My debut commission "This is Not A Bill" got a professional production in 2019 while I was still in college, and my concept single "Charles Sumner" followed in 2021. More music has arrived on Spotify and elsewhere since then! I'm accepting commissions for playwriting and music composition as well. I co-wrote the one-man musical "We Need A Savior" in 2021 which premiered that December to positive reviews, so there are a variety of things I can create for you, from a short skit to a full-length play. Check out the Commissions tab for more! Outside of scribbling down storylines or harmonies, I strum out some folky musical theatre covers and showcase unique, unheard voices on my show "Frettin' Friday" every week at 5PM EST (currently on hiatus). Educating people about unknown stories and unique artists like myself is my favorite part of being in the creative world! You fascinated by what you see here? Send a donation...and if you want access to exclusive content as part of my Firebird Flock, you can become a member from as little as $5 a month! Your patronage enables me to keep living as a creative, releasing music and promoting my writing. So, are you ready to join me? The fun is just beginning!

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