43% of $1000 goal

I am currently attending the University of Minnesota to receive my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Now I just need to find a way to pay for it. This money will go toward books and supplies which I need.


I love learning new things and helping people. I use my blog to share some of the experiences of my life and attempt to help others learn new things.

A Life, Ensnared
My current posting schedule is: - First Monday of the month: I pick a hobby or other potentially fun thing and write about how I would get into it if I had the time and resources with “What I Want To Do This Month” - Second Monday of the month: I write about my experiences with health and exercise with “Health” - Third Monday of the month: I write about things I currently do with my time with “Hobbies” - Fourth Monday of the month: I shared stories from my past and other things about me with “Life” - Fifth Monday of the month when there is one: I pick something and write about it with “Miscellaneous”

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