!! Commission slots full, please DM to be added to waiting list ♡ ~F.A.Q~ • Will my commission be sold publicly? No! All commissions are exclusive to your character and will not be sold publicly or elsewhere. •Can I ask for help regarding one of your mods? Yes! My discord is always open to assist you with any issues or questions you have ^^ Please don't be afraid to contact me! • How long will my commission take? This entirely depends on how complicated or sizable your commission idea is! After I've started working on it, I aim to have in done in the next few days. Not including weekends as I tend to be busy. ~Permissions~ • Personal edits are fine • No ports outside of FFXIV • Please message me if you are wanting to do a port of my work (Not required, I just love to see it ♡) • If you edit one of my mods please credit me and link back to the original mod(s) • If you received a commission from me, please do not share it publicly • Have fun ♡

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