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Freelance writer, & editor, as well as a folklore enthusiast & fledgling storyteller. I write about fairy tales, folklore, & travel on my blog, The Willow Web, & also post fiction & personal essays. Currently I am a postgraduate student, working towards a career as a writer. I care about stories & their tellers, & want to continue connecting with them & reaching out with words & love.

Amelia Starling
Hello everyone! I'm Amelia. I write, edit, & study folklore & fairy tales. I am working towards completing a novel and becoming a storyteller, because words never leave me alone & I want to use them to share joy with stories. I joined Ko-fi in the hope of collecting something for all the time I put into writing & editing. I love doing it, but sadly I also require money to live & it's frustrating when the things you care about & which make you happiest produce little income. I'm working my hardest to turn that around, & any donations you can offer in the meantime will be gratefully received. Nothing is too small! Donations would help me with mundane things like transport to writing & storytelling events, & also bigger things like study materials, food, & rent. I'm so blessed to be part of such a strong, supportive network of other writers and folklorists. We're all in this together, & your kind words remind me why I love what I do. The world is a dark place sometimes. Creativity can soothe that. I will fight to keep doing it, and reach out to more people with kindness & hope. Thank you for visiting my page, & please don't be shy! Come say hello on social media, or through my blog. I truly value your support, & wish you well on your own life paths ♥

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