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I've had a decent paper cutter for almost 20 years now, but it's time to upgrade and I'd love to get one that cuts a lot more paper! I also love using Neenah Paper for my zines. I'm very particular about the paper I use because it's all about the experience when you are holding my zines in your dear hands. :)


Hello! My name is Sinoun (pronounced “sin-noon” in English). Anatomic Air Press is where I house all my creative and storytelling projects, including zines or books, collaborations, websites, random handmade goods, and other quirky things I may come up with. I’ve been making zines and little handmade books for almost 20 years! My goal is to #makesnailmailgreatagain. I love making stuff and then sending them to people in the mail. Anatomic Air Press is purely a labor of love. I have spent countless hours and money on my projects, mainly with the desire to share my work and get it out there! I have received so much love and support through the years and it fills my heart with so much gratitude that people love what I create. It’s one thing for me to do what I love, but it’s another when people actually appreciate it! So thank YOU for being an amazing, loving supporter!

Anatomic Air Press
100% of all proceeds go back to funding my projects and quirky things for you to hold and cherish.

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