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I'm that strange bloke on Twitter who posts really bizarre images of old TV merchandise and tat that you think might be real but are not. I'm also a depressive, 54 year old heart attack survivor who is currently undergoing CBT sessions and awaiting a very belated autism spectrum disorder test. That's me in a nut shell... (Nutcase, more like!! Ed.)

Andrew-Mark Thompson
You're probably here because I've amused you in some way with one of my creations. I haven't charged you for this service. Nor would I. For that reason, you might want to buy me a coffee. It's the civilised thing to do, isn't it? Check out my gallery while you here too! By buying me a coffee here, you can bypass the dreadful process of actually meeting me in person and being profoundly disappointed. All coffee money goes towards printing postcards of my tat. Honest. If you are interested in buying some, drop me a message.

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