Animal Cracker Studios
Two videos per month where I go through and casually but specifically discuss what I'm working on creatively in a more explicit way than I am comfortable publicly. Lately I've been working on some video/multi-format projects but still have a desire to make comics and experiment with audio projects. One of the videos each month will find it's way onto YouTube with a 2 month waiting period. Main Channel: Cyberdog Investigations: RandomBattle Gaming: Cameron Callahan has been making comics since 2009 when he started drawing the slice-of-life comic SCRAMBLED CIRCUITS, which he successfully Kickstarted into a paperback collection in 2016. He likes to tell stories with a focus on analyzing the unique, real life connections people can make with each other - whether strangers, family, friends, customers, or coworkers. Comics are his favorite means of storytelling but he has a fascination with all of the unusual ways that stories and emotions can be transmitted and is determined to explore new narrative formats and delivery modes.

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