TERMS OF USE I ask that you please not use my mods or poses for: - Hateful or bigoted content. - NS/FW content involving animals. - NS/FW content involving minors. - NS/FW content involving lalafell. (I acknowledge that lala's are adults but I am uncomfortable with NS/FW content featuring them. Ty for your understanding.) You have my permission to: - Make private edits of my mods. - Port my mods to other races/genders. - Use my texture or colorset edits for your own mods (private or public). - Commission edits of my mods. However: - Please be mindful of the credits on each ko-fi listing as any upscales or mods using others' assets will inherit those creators' permissions. - Please do not claim my work as your own. - Please do not paywall edits/ports of my mods or use my texture/colorset edits in paywalled mods (free but open to tips is fine).

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