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Hello! I'm Ara Yoake Hikaru~ Cosplayer, ACG enthusiast, and casual gamer.
I mostly post content on my page, feel free to check it out.

Ara Yoake
As a very recent university graduate, looking to pursue my professional papers while searching for a job, I have limited funds to spare for my hobbies, namely cosplay and gaming. I considered Patreon before, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with the extravagant promises most creators could make on the site, as most of my hours are focused onto my other life priorities. I recently discovered Ko-Fi, and am now giving it a shot. I appreciate every drop of caffeine. Consider the situation as giving Starbucks to a chipmunk; chipmunk gets hyper, you get laughter.

If you'd like a shoutout/fan sign from my future cosplays, Ko-Fi!
If you'd like more streams and a few rounds with me on Overwatch, Ko-Fi!
If you'd like more puns and jokes, free of charge!
Leave me a message with the Ko-Fi!

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