hi!! i'm arrow and i'm trying to make it through life. at the end of july 2021, the majority of my possessions were destroyed in a flood due to both the weather and a broken water pipe when my stuff was stored in a friend's basement. since no one had flood insurance and renter's insurance does not include flooding from where i am, i received no compensation for this and thousands of dollars of my possessions were destroyed for nothing. i am attempting to repossess what i can, but between working full time to make rent and also making plans to eventually finish my undergraduate degree, it is definitely a long term goal. so any help is truly appreciated. (once i feel that i have secured the funds i need to repurchase what i can i will eventually remove this sob story, haha.) beyond that, i write fic, make websites and generators, post silly things on twitter, organize fandom events, and sometimes stream! i am on hiatus from all of these at the moment due to my complicated life situations, but i will definitely return as soon as i can because in the end i enjoy gratification at the expense of being perceived :)

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