A block of beautiful, thick watercolour paper

38% of goal

You wouldn't believe how much good paper costs! And how amazing it is to paint on it!


I'm an Australian based painter and artist. I've been passionate about drawing, painting and making my whole life. Last year I decided to make the leap of faith and commit wholeheartedly, full-time, because that is my path! It always has. Now I see it. I'd love you to be a part of my journey. Thank you for being here.

Hello, you! I hope you're feeling amazing today. Thanks for stopping by! I've set up the page for people who might not want a new artwork at this point but who like and would like to support what I'm doing. If that's you, you can support me by buying me a coffee/ko.fi (Large, soy, flat white, no sugar, please) Or chip-in to my goals (we all have dreams!) THANK YOU!

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