Artemio Urbina

I am currently working in the 240p Test Suite and MDFourier, which are available for multiple console platforms, including: Super Nintendo, PC Engine/Turbografx-16, Sega Genesis/MD, Sega/Mega CD, Wii, GameCube, Dreamcast and others. They have various goals, from video equipment evaluation to try and help in audio and video preservation for FPGA and software projects. All projects you'll help support are open source and free to use, you can access the source code and binaries from their respective webpages. This patreon is here for those who have kindly asked if they could help these projects in any way. Funds will be directed towards the hardware, software and tools needed to evaluate and improve the solutions in the future. I plan to give update posts here, with what is going on. For those who follow me on twitter, that is the kind of posts to expect here as well as a few with more detail. No extra content will be patreon exclusive, since my intention has always been to freely share everything. Your contribution helps me achieve that same goal. Some of the projects you help with this are: - 240p Test Suite improving current platforms and future platform support - MDFourier currently the most active, improve support and add more platforms - Junker HQ hosting: The main hub for all my projects, originally dedicated to game translation and data - hosting: Home of the translation project - hosting - Arcades MX hosting: A community hub for Arcade repair and maintenance Thank you for reading and caring about these projects.

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