Art of Amanda NP

Commissions Term of Service 1. GENERAL TERMS: Prices of commissions are subject to change based on my experience and demand. I have the right to reject an order for any reason I see fit. 2. PAYMENT: Currency accepted is USD and I take payment through PayPal only. Commissions must be paid 100% up front before I will begin work. Do not send payment until we have discussed the parameters of the commission and I have requested you to send me the payment. 3. DELIVERY: Turn around time for a commission varies depending on factors such as scope of the project, personal health, computer malfunctions, and other ongoing work. This can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months depending on those factors. Once the commission is completed you will receive the full resolution file(s) via email. 4. REVISIONS: My intention during the commission process is to keep an open line of communication. The sketch and rough color phase is the time in which revisions are included in the price of the commission. Once we are both satisfied with what we have at that phase I will begin the final render to bring the commission to completion. Any and all revisions after or during the final render phase will result in a $15 revision fee per revision round. 5. COPYRIGHT & USAGE: Artist: Amanda Phelps Purchaser: Client purchasing a commission The Work: The commissioned piece of art The work is for personal use by the Purchaser only. The Purchaser is in no way allowed to resell the work online, in store or on any physical merchandise such as art prints, mugs, t-shirts, ect. If the work is found to be present in any commercial way in order to produce a profit it will be seen as a violation of use and liable to punishment under copyright law. In the event that the purchaser wished to post the work online or on personal social media it is in good practice to credit the original artist when doing so. Using the work to promote a separate project requires consent form the original artist. The artist retains the right to use the work in personal online portfolios or galleries or as a representation of what similar work they can provide to future clients. The artist retains the rights to create and sell merchandise of the work after completion and delivery including but not limited to, art prints, stickers, t-shirts, mugs, playmats ect. 6. CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS: Once the purchase is made and goes through there are no cancelations allowed by the commissioner. If for any reason I have received payment and I have determined that I will not be able to complete your piece I will issue a full refund. If you request a PayPal chargeback at any point you will lose all aforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will retain the right to profit from the piece in any way. I have the right to blacklist any potential client due to what I perceive and understand to be unscrupulous behavior.

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