Hiya~! I'm Axie/Artsy/Katie and I'm a character artist creating a line called Steve and Pals~! It features an axolotl named Steve and his friends: Blue the crab, Crouton the lettuce slug, and Shay the cat! The goal is to spread positivity and bring a smile to people's days! I made this Ko-fi because a friend wanted to support me but didn't want to use my Twitch anymore. I don't stream much these days anyway, so it made sense to set this page up. I don't know what all I'll offer here but if you feel like supporting me and don't want to buy a sticker, keychain, or commission, you can do so here. Totally optional! I appreciate any financial support more than I can say, but I also never expect it. You can check out the bulk of my work at or check out my Steve and Pals products on! Thanks for stopping by <3

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