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The Professional Joy Seeker--Arwen

Arwen Lynch-Poe, the Professional Joy Seeker, uses oracles, Tarot, and much wise-assery to guide her clients to a joy-filled life. She loves connecting people with their spirit guides or chatting with the dead who invariably show up in her sessions. "Seek Joy, Y'all" is her motto in life. Arwen is a Tarot consultant, medium, psychic, writer, teacher, and more. Arwen has authored many decks including the Fairy Tale Lenormand, Secrets of the Mystic Grove, the Gift of Tarot Pack of Three Envelopes, Elle Qui, Practical Tarot Wisdom, Bianco Nero Tarot, the Field Guide to Garden Dragons, Gentle Creatures Wisdom Deck. Currently, she is working once again with Lisa Hunt on the Field Guide to Flower Fae plus two unnamed projects for 2023/4. Her own journey with Tarot began in 1981 with a reading by a friend in the tower of our college. Then in 1985, she bought just one more deck. Her collection of decks is now considerably larger than one. She resides in enchanting New Mexico with her husband, dogs, and cats—not to mention the roadrunners, crows, quail, bunnies, and occasional coyote trotting down her street. And no, she's never seen a coyote chase a roadrunner. Meep Meep! Your support here means Arwen can focus on writing her book of Tarot spreads as well as a book on the art of writing oracle decks. She will also be able to focus on content including classes and more for her supporters. Seek joy, y'all!

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