Audrey Wong

Hacking the Matrix is a multimedia newsletter designed to provide you with a consciousness-infused mastermind, empowering you to more easily manifest your desired reality. This newsletter will share practical tips and support your own journey to freedom to do what your soul desires. To subscribe please go to: In my own healing and manifestation journey, I've developed self-healing modalities such as Root Trauma Release and Root Karma Release. These modalities are designed to help you heal trauma, release subconscious blocks, and transcend karmic patterns, ultimately unlocking your fullest potential. I’ll be sharing these modalities, along with other valuable tips and hacks I have learned from my own healing journey, the teachers and masters I have studied with, and my work with clients, all aimed at supporting you in your manifestation journey. I called this mastermind "Hacking the Matrix" because I've discovered that much of what I learned as a computer scientist can be applied to healing and manifestation. The trauma from our past lives and our current incarnation is often trapped within our bodies, and through body-focused meditation, we can locate and release this trapped energy. Root Trauma Release™ is the result, fusing elements of computer science, psychology, and consciousness. I'm committed to teaching you this and other practices, to support you on your own healing journey. Throughout our lives, we've been conditioned to act and believe in certain ways, often leading us to disconnect from our true selves. These ingrained beliefs create a prison, disconnecting us from our soul purpose and limiting our potential. This is the matrix you have the power to hack. But what if there's more to us than we've been taught? Discovering our truth is the ultimate freedom and key to our happiness and ability to connect with our soul. Our memories, teachings, and emotions from past interactions and experiences are stored within our body. Unhelpful emotional memories, teachings, and beliefs become trapped, hindering our growth and ability to manifest. We perceive our experiences through the lens of these trapped emotions and beliefs, subconsciously interacting with the world in a way that fulfills these perceived expectations, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is why we often manifest outcomes that don't align with our desires. Uncover, identify, and release these trapped emotional memories and beliefs, enabling you to transform your perception of the world and consciously shape the reality you desire. The healing process is two-fold: 1. Heal to feel better and expect better. 2. When you feel and expect better, you create better. You will no longer react to the world around you. You will now be a conscious creator of the world around you. This newsletter will also provide insights into the universal laws that facilitate the manifestation of your desired reality. You'll understand why manifesting may have been challenging due to long-standing subconscious blocks originating from your childhood. We'll explore the psychology of manifestation, empowering you to shift from a victim mindset to that of a conscious and powerful creator of your destiny. This newsletter is a collective creation, shaped by my soul, my guides, my clients, and each of you. Together, we're hacking the matrix to forge a brighter reality and future. Your feedback and questions will be integral to the evolution of our mastermind. As we continue to learn and grow, so too will this body of work. To lay the foundation for the Root Trauma Release and Root Karma Release modalities, let's establish some fundamental soul truths: We are immortal souls experiencing human existence. The purpose of every incarnation, including our current one, is to learn. Our soul orchestrates unique lessons for us in each incarnation. Linear time is an illusion; our past, present, and future realities coexist. Our soul can simultaneously experience multiple incarnations. Our soul can exist in alternative realities. Trauma affects our aura and addressing it can facilitate shamanic soul retrieval, allowing our aura to become whole once more. Healing our trauma is the key to transcending our karma. Healing our trauma is the key to comprehending and mastering our soul lessons. Healing our trauma can lead to a quieter mind. Trauma from both this incarnation and our other lives is trapped within our body. The core purpose of our existence is learning. Our soul maps out the lessons we're meant to learn. Each of these lessons is unique, and you'll discover how to attune to your body to sense and heal your personal trauma, thus unlocking your distinctive soul lessons. You'll also learn how to heal and release karma from past lives, gaining insight into the soul patterns and lessons your soul has lined up for you. As you shift and evolve, this newsletter will guide you on interacting with the Universe in a new way. I spent years studying under various spiritual teachers and immersing myself in healing modalities like Akashic Records, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Shamanic Healing, Recollective Healing, Pendulum Healing, and Neuromodulation Technique (NMT). I'll also share esoteric and occult concepts I've acquired to help you hack the matrix and facilitate your manifestation of the reality you desire. For a more detailed account of my background and experience, please visit: I extend an invitation for you to subscribe to my Substack for meditations, courses, tips, and tricks that will support your journey. There are three subscription tiers available: Free subscriptions unlock a wealth of content, paid subscriptions grant access to all content, including courses, and Founder level subscribers receive a complimentary distant healing session in addition to full content access. Thank you for joining me in this conscious mastermind. I'm eager to collaboratively shape an extraordinary reality with you!

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