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My name is Samantha (Sam) Hack. I am an autistic advocate, autism educator, and content creator. I write about autism, adhd, epilepsy, mental health, disability, and chronic illness. Just as the autistic community shapes my views on autism, I believe that it is important for autistics to shape the views, practices and policies of society that will affect us in the future.

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Samantha Hack
Writing, making videos about autism and offering peer support takes time and effort. This is doubly so when you are autistic yourself! If you find the content I create valuable or simply like the content I create and would like to express your support, you can buy a thimble of cream for the server fairies. All of your support goes directly to additional content creation and maintaining that content Sparrows and Penguins as well as across social media.. Likes, reblogs, and shares are always appreciated.

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