Robert JE Simpson
Hi all! I'm a Belfast based freelance visual artist, critic and performer. 2020 hit me and the rest of us working in the arts hard, with live events gone I've turned back towards other platforms. I'm using your support via Ko-fi to enable me to keep producing artwork, work on new video projects, and to keep live-streaming. I have long-produced my art, blogs and other projects and made them available for free, while at cost to myself. With Ko-Fi you can throw me the cost of a cuppa to keep me in caffeine, or whatever else you want. You can order commissions direct, and hire me for talks, workshops, photo sessions and more. Or even let me read you to sleep! Drop me a line with your requests - I'll be adding new commission options over time, but just because it isn't there yet, it doesn't mean you can't book me!

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