Awakening YOU
Hi! This is Rick from the Awakening YOU Channel on YouTube. Thanks for looking in, and for buying us a coffee :o) There is bad news happened with us: Due to receiving an unexpected strike from youtube saying that major of our content (videos) does not contain educational values. We no longer have income (ads) from youtube because the monetization has been disabled on our channel. I'm fighting to keep this channel alive, full-time working on the NET, 12 hours each day researching/editing/designing... So, really we need your donations to help us keep this channel alive. -------------------------------------------------- If you appreciate what we do, please support us. Thank You! "Would you consider a small gift of $11.11 or more to support me in creating the next videos?" ➤ Paypal Donation: ➤ Buy a Coffee for Awakening YOU: ➤ Please Donations To Help Others In Need: ➤ Fan page: ➤ Spread Love and Kindness Like, Subscribe to Get Daily Updates -------------------------------------------------- ➤ T-Shirt fan:

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