Hey guys! With each contribution I will be able to work toward goals of expanding my business and therefore better serve and provide my brand of weird to all of you! I am looking to first fund some equipment and software for making art prints and original merch (thinking stickers, pins, t-shirts, hats--I like hats). I will need a scanner, printer, and the adobe suite. Also, there are book covers, editors, and promotional materials for my books. My ultimate goal is to sell my wares (like a good khajiit) at local comicons and perhaps start to travel to various cons around the country, getting a better chance to meet more of you digital people in the real. Perhaps the most valuable thing your contributions will be funding, is my time and headspace to be able to create and continue to raise my output and the ways I am able to make myself and my work available to all of my wonderful community folks. That's you. So, thank you for stopping by and checking things out. Love ya.

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