“Hello fwens! Welcome to our choccy chip cookie page!” 🍪 Ko-Fi is an artist patronage platform that allows people (and aliens!) to help artists keep doing the work they love by offering contributions of support. BayYo and Doccy are writers, photographers, cosplayers, crafters, community event planners, and general spreaders of cheer! If you like what they do, please buy them a cookie and show you care! All Cookie Jar contributions go to: 📚 Publication Costs (formatting, printing, book registration) 💌 Stamps for Happy Mail 📬 Cards for Happy Mail 🎨 Free Giveaway Items 📝 Creation! 🍪 Cookies for BayYo! 🍪 BayYo would like to say what you get in return: “When you buy us cookies 🍪, you get da good feels from knowing you help fundy fund more cheery cheer for all!” 📬 That “cheery cheer” includes: Our Insta Content + Event Hosting on Insta + Event Participation Badges + Our Free Newsletters + Happy Mail + Free Giveaway Items + Our Work as Authors + More! “Yay! We feel da love and support you give to us and to others. Makes us glow inside. Thank you SO much for being there for us and helping us to be there for others. We are so grateful to you for all you do! Please keep sending da love and cheer throughout da galaxy!” You can Follow for free, you can Support on a one-time basis (even doing this once or twice helps us so much!), or you can Subscribe to support us monthly.

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