hi im bea, i make a webcomic called A Ghost Story which you can read at you can give me long term support for the comic via patreon i also make a bad movie review .pdf which you can buy a permanent subscription to with a one time payment of $5. it updates every few months with more movies. i make all my money off my art, which rules, but its tough going. if you can offer long term support, check out the patreon where you can get exclusive goodies and sneak peeks at things i'm working on for as low as $1 a month. this is for periodic or one time donations or commissions or, realistically, for when patreon blows up. any support helps, but i prefer you get something YOU want in return for your donation! tl;dr: the patreon is the preferred method of donation at the moment since recurring monthly payments allows me the comfort and knowledge that i can pay my bills each month with a concrete number, but knowing not everyone can do that i hope that the ko-fi offers a viable alternative to all you very generous people out there

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