Hyphen Universe
Hi. I’m Kelen Conley. I absolutely hate writing these intros because I never know what to say. But here I go… I do a little bit of everything: 🎵 I create hip-hop/rap music under the moniker of B Hyphen. My entire discography can be found on (b hyphen dot bandcamp dot com) as well as Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc. I’m currently working on my first new material since my daughter was born in 2014. 🎙️ I have a podcast called Hyphen Nation that I’ve been doing since 2016. It’s mostly about music, sports, tv, and film. New episodes come out Thursdays. 🎙️ I cohost a second podcast called the Rasslecast Power Hour about professional wrestling with Handsome Bane and Showinmadlov. It comes out on Mondays and we just finished our second season. 📽️ I have a YouTube channel called Hyphen Universe. Currently, new videos come out on Tuesdays and Fridays and feature video from my podcasts and anything else I decide to throw into the void. ✍🏾 I also have a newsletter called It’s Not Gonna Write Itself. The goal of each one is to write about a topic until I break the 500 word mark. It can be found on (b hyphen dot substack dot com). 🎮 Lastly, my stimulus check money allowed me to get into the streaming game. I stream on Twitch at (twitch dot tv slash b underscore hyphen). I don’t have a large following and I’m okay with that. I just enjoy creating content and will continue to do so until it no longer makes me happy. I’ve set up this page for anyone who wanted to contribute a little something to me for the aforementioned content. I appreciate anyone who’s read this far and considers donating. I also accept go away money. Hit my DMs and we’ll talk price.

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