A Motorbike for Rundugai

Mobility is fundamental for living a self-determined life. For women in Tanzania, though, this is an ongoing challenge. Because they traditionally play a subordinate role in society, denying them access to vital services, incl. income generating opportunities. Motorcycling in Tanzania is a profitable way to earn money. Motorcycle cabs, for instance, are the backbone of many rural areas by transporting goods and passengers back and forth. But also jobs outside rural communities and in the tourism sector would become accessible this way. By promoting women's motorcycling, we - help women start a motorbike cab business - increase female passenger’s safety - enhance mobility and self-determination BIKE ’N SOUL has already trained two women from a small village at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Mariam and Germana now have their licenses, a rare document not many women own in Tanzania. Both are determined to leverage their motorcycling abilities to generate income but need financial support to do so. Your contribution will allow Mariam and Germana to purchase a motorbike and kickstart their biz. Part of their future profit will go toward a revolving fund to continue supporting like-minded women who want to follow in their footsteps. A motorbike will be a significant milestone towards more independence and freedom, and once we get rolling with this exciting initiative, we hope to make a lasting difference in many more lives. Join Mariam and Germana on their first-ever motorcycle safari around Kilimanjaro (see video below)

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