The Little Black & White Book Project

I've set this up during the COVID-19 UK lock down. I've temporarily stopped trading to limit going out to ship orders at the post office. As a limited company of one director I currently fall between the cracks of the government support schemes. And in all honesty I am yet to pay myself, all funds are reinvested into the business. This leaves me in a very tricky spot as I have bills to pay to keep the business afloat. I've worked so hard for three years to single handedly build the business from scratch so I am damned if this virus will wipe it out! But I need a little help...I need to pay some bills. I'm trying to supply at least 2 pieces of great content for you and your little ones each week. Completely free to download and enjoy! I am LOVING doing this for you and I am loving seeing people using them and enjoying them, If you too enjoy the content and you are in a position to, I would be more than grateful if you could spare a little change to try and keep me going for a few weeks until I can ship orders again. Anything more than the cost of my bills will be donated to charity. I won't take more than I need. Thank you for reading this and for your support, Ruth xo

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