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Breen Heath
If you like my work or want to support me, here's how you can help: ✉️ Share my work on Social Media! ✉️ Donate a Ko-fi or become a member! ✉️ Commission me! ✉️ Buy Shop Items! ✉️ Vote for My Comic on TWC! [Link Below] Anything you choose to do helps with the production of my comic. Here's what it goes towards: 🔥 Maintaining the Website! 🔥 Maintaining and improving Upload Schedule! 🔥 Hiring Fellow Creators! 🔥 Adding more benefits for Members! 🔥 Future Shop Items! You can also vote for my webcomic on Top Webcomics! It gets more eyes on it. Go to this link, and hit vote! Thank you for your kindness, and I look forward to making more!

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