Hosting Calmcode

We're making a calm place to learn where to do code. We've been growing steadily over the last year but we're reaching a small limit. There are things we'd like to do to the website that isn't mega expensive but do cost a bit too much to pay out of pocket. These things include: - Upgrade our Vimeo subscription so people can speed up/slow down the playback speed. - Upgrade our plausible subscription. We pay for our analytics stack in order to protect privacy but the price will increase if we become more popular. - Make the proper arrangements to make the content carbon negative (all those videos cause a lot of bandwidth). - Do a little bit of marketing for the site by paying for diversity tickets at conferences. We also think it'll be motivating for us to make more content when we know people are willing to donate to us for it. That is why we figured we'd give this kofi platform a try. By using kofi we can keep things free but we will allow modest sponsorship from those who can afford it.

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