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Thanks for visiting my Ko-fi, my only personal platform for tips and support! If you're here, you're probably familiar with my work as an editor, sound designer, and/or performer. On NeoScum, Campaign: Skyjacks, and Hey Riddle Riddle, I aim to create art that entertains and inspires. I strive to elevate every project with rich, detailed, creative, and original production. If my work has every moved you or made you laugh, I hope you'll consider supporting me with a tip. As a full-time freelancer, it can be hard to make ends meet. Between insurance, self-employment taxes, no vacation days or bonuses, and a more fluid payment structure and schedule, I can find myself in challenging financial situations that sap creative energy and free time. Every dollar graciously offered helps make life a little more stable and encourages me to keep giving it my all.

Casey Toney
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