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Cat Manasa

Funds raised by my Ko-fi page will help me to keep my small business running. It helps with things like website fees and membership to professional organisations. It will also help me to keep my holistic therapy training up to date. This page will also help towards the costs of art materials and creating new items for sale. It also gives me a place to show my most loyal friends and supporters how work had been created and share more behind the scenes videos and photos. Supporting this page also helps me to buy new plants, garden supplies and look after my garden, which is so vital to my mental wellbeing... it's also good for the environment as the more I can grow, the better for the planet! Surrounding myself with healing plants has been the most beneficial past time of all and I love to share the progress of the plants in the garden. Supporters get to see exclusive photos and updates about my garden, art and therapy/spiritual work. They get priority access when my work becomes available for sale and the best price. I'm happy to listen and give advice via DM to my monthly supporters and top tier supporters will get occasional free art, aromatherapy blend, or card reading.

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