Four Winds Witchery

Your generous donations help us to keep content flowing to you. These are the ways we incur expenses related to products, supplies and bills that help us share a witchcraft learning experience with you: ✨Maintaining an online grimoire of FWW tested remedies and rituals that also include educational information. ✨ Podcasting on witchcraft in a modern context. ✨Paying for zoom pro to allow more time for meetings. ✨ Paying for the domain, hosting fees and website fees. FWW takes care of the bill for expenses and will continue to do so. Donations help lighten this load immensely! If you would prefer to donate/tip via Cash App, or Venmo please scan one of the QR codes. 💫MONTHLY support will entitle you to a free tarot, ogham stave or rune reading each month. Be sure to contact Ms. Blackthorn to obtain your readings!💫 Thank you!

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