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WELCOME TO THE NEW FRONTIER 👋 for sustainable art funding. Instead of spending the time to buy each album, you can now automatically support me every month right here on Ko-fi in exchange for free downloads and more with each release! Sharing with my patrons is something I look forward to the most, essentially bringing everyone "backstage" for some Ko-fi-exclusive content (things I don't even post on IG)! Excited to share with you, get to know you, and hear from you directly. 🎵+📸+🎧+🎹+🎺+👥+🎤+🎨🖌 “Art is for sharing, not for selling.” - Amanda Palmer KO-FI? Yes, Ko-fi (like coffee) = ☕. This platform is for those who support my work. It is HERE on Ko-fi that an artistic ecosystem can be sustained between you, me, and my collaborators 🤝 it also helps pay for overhead costs. Your consistent support through Ko-fi memberships allows me to create with artistic freedom, hire other professionals, and spend time on larger projects without rules, commercial interests, or the influence of “doing it for the money.” Instead, I can create for the people! 🙌 Why Ko-fi? ☕ They don't take a percentage unlike Patreon, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, & others. But if you're more curious, follow the FAQ link in the about section of this page. For those just visiting, thank you for your interest! Let me know if you have any other questions - either way, I'm humbled you'd read this far. I'll always be here creating, so I hope to see you soon! All the best, - Chase #️⃣art #️⃣composition #️⃣pop #️⃣jazz #️⃣contemporary #️⃣film #️⃣expression #️⃣soundart #️⃣abstract #️⃣design #️⃣adventure #️⃣experimental #️⃣newage

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