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Hello to you, the one reading these lines! I want to begin by thanking you for taking the time to check out my Ko-Fi! First off, if you're here then chances are that you: - read my blog at; - watch my YouTube videos; - or read my fanfic that I plan to turn into a manga/doujinshi style - the Kaika AU, the Naruto AU after the war, Sakura Haruno centric aka Kaika Saisei. Who am I? I'm Chatte Georgiana, like some of you already might know. I have a blog under the same handle where I write my observations, analyses, theories and whatnot on all things geekish, but mostly on anime, and more commonly than any other - Naruto. I do hope to have the time soon enough to start focusing on other anime, too! Because trust me, Naruto isn't the only one I came in contact with. It's just the one with whom I have this weird kind of love-hate connection/relationship. But my target is to turn towards other stories such as Bleach, Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer & Fullmetal Alchemist to name a few. Stories that like Naruto, I very much enjoyed (even more than Naruto, actually). It's just that... being part of the Naruto fandom for so long, that kind of stuck as my personal "brand touch". :) But enough about that! Let's move to the reason we're here and that being... you possibly buying me a Ko-fi. :) By buying me a Ko-Fi you're going to be supporting me in multiple ways because trust me, to produce the content that I produce takes a lot of time and, well... finances. What you'll support is: my blog where I write the articles, the YouTube channel & all it entails producing a video and last, but not least, and most importantly out of all of these: Kaika. With your help I might be able to fulfill my dream: to turn Kaika from a fanfiction into a manga version, aka doujinshi and offer it to the whole world. Why did I set up this page? Reasons are many, but I set it up mostly because as much as I hate admitting, I need help. I need all the help I can get if I am ever going to continue to give back to this lovely community. I love creating and I love giving. It's what sets my spirit on fire the most. But sadly I can only give so much on my own. And I'd like to do it even more than I am able to do it now. And that's why I need your help: if I am ever to give to you to the magnitude that I want to, I need your support. The content, the video, the story... all of them need your help to grow to the potential I see in them all. What will the Money be used for? The money will be used for many things that go into what I need to put out all the content that I put out: - to pay all the things that are needed for a running website (such as hosting); - to get better equipment that allows me to record and edit videos even better; - and last but not least, to get enough money that allows me to commission the manga art for Kaika. Because yes, the story idea might be totally mine, but I am a writer, and to turn Kaika into a visual format I need to commission an artist. Do you have any other forms of income? Other than my full-time job (that I hopefully got by the time I wrote this because as you guys know, I was left jobless again) that barely allows me to commission the monthly poster for each Kaika chapter, I don't. That's why I am here, asking for your support. I live in a post-communist country that hasn't yet fully recovered (after 33 years). The values of the salaries compared to a dollar or an euro are so low. And besides that, I am the only source of income for my parents, because they live in an area where jobs are next to non existent, given it's a town filled with corruption. All while I moved to a bigger city to be able to get a better job and help them, too. So you see, even though I hate admitting it, I really need your help. I am only one person behind everything and if I want to do all of these, I'd need help. And you know, at the end of the day all of these are services and everybody needs payment for their services because those bills aren't paying themselves with air. So yeah, here I am, asking for your help. I love being at your service and being able to put a smile on your faces, but I can only do so if you guys help me. So help me, help you. :) How much content will you put out a month? My ideal aim is to have a least a piece of each per month: a blog post, a Kaika chapter (though this one might take longer than that) and an YouTube video. But with your support, I might do even better than that as I'll be able to pay someone to help me with running all these! Lastly... If you choose to contribute so that I can continue on this path, then you have my eternal gratitude. Thank You for taking out the time to read this through the end! Yours truly, Chatte

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