Hi, and thanks for dropping by! I'm a novelist and short story writer (I wish there was a single word for that second aspect, but there's not), with no income else. I'm also something of a house-husband, as my wife's disabled; I do pretty much everything there is to be done hereabouts. Buy me a coffee and I will be truly, ridiculously grateful. Like many writers, I live on the stuff, so the metaphor is charmingly apt. If you subscribe monthly, you'll get access to wonders ancient and modern: stories written in the long-ago and quite unavailable now, new work in draft form, all sorts of stuff. Even if you're more of a one-off kind of person, hang around anyway; you never know what might turn up here. I have several decades'-worth of archive to explore. Right now, though, buy me a coffee and I'll post the next page of my new Sherlock-Holmes-on-Mars novella, which is being entirely Ko-fi funded: see literature happen, right before your eyes, and know that you had a part in it, a page of it...

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