Christine Green

If you appreciate my community service work, essays & sense of humor, or if I've helped you in some way, please consider supporting me with a coffee donation. Thanks! I'VE BEEN TOLD: >>That my "COVID Solutions for Indoor Air" page gave them hope with tools to protect their family, schools & workplaces, that can keep us safer from colds, flu and future viruses. >>That my relational and procedural skills essays on Medium are helpful. That my other essays offer a unique, enlightened perspective. >>My Facebook posts are appreciated because I "do the work" for readers by including commentary and excerpts from articles -saving time for readers. >>That I'm the "Queen of Political Synthesis" because I post my analysis of local & national issues, that readers appreciate. >>That my original humor posts are a hoot. >>That my Photographs & Videos are enjoyed. Community work: >>Develop/coordinate strategies and write messaging that helps elect local candidates. >>Connecting the people who should know each other. >>Posting public service announcements of all kinds. >>Campaign advice to local candidates. >>Voter Registration Forms on my website. >>Assisting social justice organizations & community groups with social media and digital strategies. >>Offering geek assistance related to the internet and computers. >>The go-to person for many resources - finding a computer repair person, a cat sitter, etc. >>Giving shout-outs to local businesses.

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