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Wandering Mask

I like drawing dragons based on all sorts of different words. When you tip me by buying me a coffee, you get to pick what one of those words will be! Monthly supporters at various tiers can even submit multiple words (or characters!) to be drawn into dragons. I also make dragon bean emojis you can find in my shop - and anybody who supports me monthly, at any level, gets an automatic 20% off all of them! WORD DRAGON RULES: - I own all the images I make! Even if you submit a word, the image rights for the dragon I draw stay mine. - I'm fine with folks using dragons as avatars and the like, please just be sure to give due credit and throw a link back here! - If I'm not comfortable with a prompt I may change the word or choose not to draw it! - Keep prompts SFW please folks, for obvious reasons!

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