Chrysanthemum Games
[Temporary Note, as of 02.20.21]: Hey all, commissions are closed for a bit. I'm trying to dedicate myself to a getting out the next chapter of both my projects ASAP. If I still owe you something, feel free to proceed as normal with sending me sheets or what have you; I'm just not taking any new orders right now. I should be able to open these back up in a bit! Hey everyone, it's Jess. Welcome to my ko-fi. As far as I can tell, these are usually the tip jars of the creative-funding world, and if you'd like to use it that way, please do so with my sincere thanks and appreciation. Every little bit helps, and trying to eke out a living doing something with no steady income, in a pandemic where other jobs are limited to nonexistent is tough. That said, I'm also going to use the platform to operate a little commission thing. It's not a lot, really, just a way to say thank you to those of you who are willing and able to contribute. For the price of a 'coffee' ($5), I'll write a 500-word vignette for you, with the themes/premise and pairing of your choice from Fields of Asphodel. For two coffees, I'll do 1000 words, and so on, up to 4 coffees/2k words. If you're interested, the button is to your left. Please mind the instructions; I'd hate for us to find out I can't meet your request after you've paid for it!

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