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Hi! As you can see, I am an editor and writer. It's nice to meet you! I have worked with companies like National Novel Writing Month and Red Line Editorial. And I feel blessed to have those experiences. I also work with first-time authors, playwrights and poets, anyone who has a story they want to share. Even though I love what I do, freelancing is hard. There are times when I have steady work. But there are also times that I may not pick up a client or have any work for months. And that can be rough. The support I get via Ko-fi will help make things easier during those months. I am super grateful for the support! This page will mainly be used to post random blurbs and tips that I have picked over the years. And members will also get special access to book reviews for not-yet-released books. (It may just be me, but I love reading and having a real person's thoughts on a book before I buy it.) And while I don't drink coffee, I love tea! So feel free to buy me a cup whenever you feel moved to! Thanks again. I hope that you can find something for you here.

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