Claire Ayoub

Your support will go directly towards funding the development and production of my creative work, including: The GynoKid: My award-winning solo show about growing up as the child of small-town gynecologists. I produce and host post-show panels with local health experts on various health topics so audiences can to learn more about their bodies and health in a low-pressure space. OPEN WIDE: My TV pilot version of The GynoKid, this family comedy about growing up as the children of small-town gynecologists is designed to normalize talking about bodies and puberty—alongside some ridiculous belly laughs. (2023 Finalist - Yes, and Laughter Lab; 2023 Semi-Finalist - PAGE Awards) Try Anyway Table Reads: I hosted 17 live readings of my feature EMPIRE WAIST across the country and every single one made the next draft better. Now, I produce a series of live readings for other writers with film and TV scripts currently in development so they can hear their work aloud and get constructive feedback from a live audience. AM Writing Club: I run a free accountability group for writers on weekday mornings on Zoom. Since writing can be isolating, I provide a safe community space for folks to work on their own projects. And 3 writing projects I've been working on this past year that haven't been announced yet—but you'll be the first to learn about here!

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