New drawing tablet!

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The tablet I currently use is actually not mine! It belongs to my older brother, & I've been lucky enough to be able to use it a lot. Though there's a chance that eventually I might not have access to it anymore, so getting a similar tablet of my own would be great~


Yello! Just a clueless guy who's a fanatic of video games, drawing, & cute stuff. Part computer science student, part hobbyist artist, full-on clueless and weird at times.

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a clueless danny
Oh heck someone's here, uh uh, hi there! Surprised to see you here. Now I'm not one to ask for monetary support or anything. But if you'd like to share a coffee because you liked something I drew or developed, then that's really sweet of ya~. I don't really like coffee, so imagine it's tea you're sharing. Tea is nice.

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