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Obsessive writer just trying to make a living off of the one thing that they do well. Pronouns: ze/hir [and if you can't conjugate that, singular 'they' is fine]. I occasionally do some art and rarely make music out of Apple loops.

My main computer to do all of this is dying and I need $3K Australian to even think about doing anything about it. Every little bit helps.

C. M. Weller:
Hail and well met! If you're reading this, you may have decided to give me some money! I thank you so very much for every little thing you contribute.

I've started this page because Patreon made the decision to kill single dollar patronage. They since decided otherwise, but I still need to have enough money to have nice things. I've got lots of material backed up, but it's inaccessable via the borrowed laptop that is also (a) threatening to collapse (b) nearing its own lifetime, and (c) a pain in the butt to work with.

Thank you for choosing to help me out.

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