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Comfy Cozy Gaming

Welcome to Comfy Cozy Gaming. We're here to spill the tea on cozy games. We pour out all of our love for indies and AAA alike, as long as it makes us feel warm and cozy inside. So, here's the deal. We're doing our best not to have ads on our site. It's just myself (Arthur) and my wife (Ashley) running everything. After being part of the recent game industry layoffs, we just want to survive on our own. We're not looking to get rich or anything, just be able to pay our bills and get by. And thus: We've set up a Ko-Fi for Comfy Cozy Gaming (aka for my wife and I). You can find the current goal on the Ko-fi. We're hoping that we can hit that, monthly, to survive here. If we can get that much monthly, we can focus on more content and capabilities for Comfy Cozy Gaming. The plan is to do more with the memberships later, but for right now they all just give you Discord access and a lot of gratitude. I set up some basic tiers to start off on the membership options, but you can put however you much you'd like to support us in one-time payments. So, feel free to check all of it out, and expect to see much more here in the future. - Arthur, co-owner

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