Who am I? Hi! I'm Cookcakez357! I'm the creator, author & illustrator of Outcasts, and I love to draw and make art, whether that be comics, drawings, pencil-and-paper or digital art! :) Outcasts? What's that? Outcasts is my action/adventure-fantasy webcomic! The story follows the Myers children, four kids who have been in hiding for years, all because they have magical powers & their "beloved" ruler, Queen Vanessa, seems to want to erase magic...and all who possess it. Where Can I Read Your Webcomic? You can read my webcomic, Outcasts, by clicking on the links below; Outcasts is available on the following platforms: Webtoon, Tapas, GlobalComix, ComicFury & The Duck Webcomics! It's available on my website as well! OUTCASTS WEBSITE: WEBTOON LINK: TAPAS LINK:

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